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Nowadays everyone has a website, it’s become as common as the smartphone. We just assume when looking up a company or a service provider, you automatically look for their website. With everyone looking to put a website online, a new opportunity for hosting providers was born.

A great way to get lots of customers and provide really cheap hosting.

This is the world of shared hosting. It’s the term that describes a budget hosting package where lots and lots of customers are jammed into a single server.

If you do a Google search for shared hosting plans, you will see a ton of offers that seem to give you “unlimited everything” for the cheapest price. (I’m looking at the Google results now and I see hosting for just $1.. It doesn’t get much cheaper than that)

For that unknowing person that just wants to get a website up and running it sounds like the perfect thing. All the stuff you can need (we love the term unlimited, don’t we?) and just a few bucks a month.

Here’s how the hosting providers cash in on this demand and you lose in the end.

Sure, you can get a hosting plan for really, really cheap. What you are actually buying is some space on a web server for your website. Yeah, you and hundreds and hundreds of other customers are sharing that space and fighting for resources on that same server.

If you are just getting started and not getting any traffic to your website (yes, that’s how we all start) you won’t notice a problem. Once you start getting traffic, you start seeing just how limited that “unlimited” hosting plan is.

Your website is now competing for server resources (CPU and memory) with hundreds of other websites on that server. Hosting providers cram so many customers on these servers with the idea that not all websites will be getting visitors at the same time. They “oversell” the server in an effort to make a nice profit.

The truth is that if every website that they host on this shared server were to get traffic at the same time (a very real possibility) the server would crash because it doesn’t have enough resources to handle all the requests. They just hope that never happens, and when it starts to slow down your website you head to the support desk and start to complain.

This is the point where the story starts to hit home. You know the runaround the support people give you, making you chase your tail and make you feel like it’s your fault that you website is running slow. The sad fact is everyone who builds their website on shared hosting will experience this pain.

I understand financial constraints when you are trying to bootstrap your business while working full time. You want to do everything as cheap as possible. While it may make sense to save a few bucks with your website, you are only creating huge headaches that will cripple your business when you start to see success. Don’t fall for the to good to be true offers that these bargain hosting providers are putting in front of you.

It’s a business model that works for these hosting companies, and it relies on the uneducated and unknowing customers to keep it going. I want to change that for you. I don’t want you to fall victim to the marketing tactics that will only put your business at risk.

The dirty secret they don’t want you to know is you can get a real dedicated hosting environment (not shared with other customers) for the same price that you are paying for that crappy shared hosting account. The only reason you don’t know about it is because they are aggressively advertising to make sure you don’t hear about it. They make sure they are the loudest person in the room when talking about website hosting. Web hosting technology has changed dramatically in the last 5 years but the marketing and business tactics of hosting providers hasn’t. The one thing that has changed is they are advertising more aggressively than ever before. You can even find web hosting ads during the Superbowl.

If you are living the hell I described and want to know more about how you can get quality hosting for your website, leave me a comment below.

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