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If you have searched for web hosting recently you would have no doubt run into the term “cloud hosting”. In fact most major web hosting companies are offering some sort of “cloud ” offering.

You may have also seen information about something from Amazon called AWS. Simply put that is Amazon Web Services. It’s much more than just a web host like you may be familiar with. Amazon AWS is the largest cloud hosting provider and currently the leader in cloud.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is the next generation of web hosting and is quickly becoming mainstream. The impact on cloud is mainly focused on the IT space but that doesn’t mean you as an entrepreneur with a website can’t gain huge benefits from this new technology.

Just to give you an idea of how Amazon AWS can benefit you and your business, here are 3 major benefits of moving your website from your current web host to Amazon AWS:

#1 – Pay for what you use

Wouldn’t it be nice if the cable companies allowed you to pay for just the channels you watch? They charge you for lots of channels you never watch as part of a TV package. Your web host works the same way. You can’t choose what features you want, only a “package” that gives more more than you need.

With Amazon AWS you only pay for the services you use. That means a much much cheaper cost for hosting your website and more flexibility for you.

#2 – A much more powerful service

The servers and networks that Amazon AWS uses is the exact same that run the website. It’s one of the most popular and highly trafficked website on the Internet and is available anywhere in the world.

Do you remember the last time went down? Yeah neither can I.

A fact that traditional web hosts don’t want you to know is that they oversell their servers. What that means is that they load more customers and websites on their servers than what the server can properly handle. The reasoning for this is… Not all of the websites on the server will be getting traffic all of the time so they can “overload” the server and get more customers on each server. This is true for both shared hosting packages and VPS servers.

With cloud computing and Amazon AWS, it is much different. Amazon’s servers work on a credit system. No matter that size or type of server you get you get 100% of the virtualized server resources. You are not competing to use resources from anyone else. The server earns and uses credits for when the CPU of the server is doing work. When the server is idle you build up credits and when the server is busy you use credits. The more busy your server is the more credits you use. This is how the cost is calculated. It’s a true “only pay for what you use” model. This makes hosting your website on Amazon AWS much more economical for an entrepreneur.

#3 – It’s free (for the first year)

Amazon AWS has a free tier that is more than powerful enough to run a website for an entrepreneur. New accounts are given the free tier of service for the first year to let your try out their service. Try asking your current web host for a deal like that.

Just like the cable companies, web hosts are famous for trying to sell you more than you need. A low traffic website uses very little server resources and is very well suited for the Amazon AWS free tier.

If you are interested in learning more about Amazon AWS and how it can work for your business, please leave me a comment below.

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